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Preventive Law / prəˈven(t)iv – lô/: An endeavor to provide practical, cost-effective, and overall better service to clients by pro-actively securing rights and minimizing the risk of problems arising.


Mr. Gutierrez is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator and his experiences as a litigator and passion for creative problem solving make him the ideal person to facilitate a solution. His approach is simple, be prepared, understand the dispute, the parties involved, and work
towards a solution.


Whether an independent analysis of a specific situation or your overall business. We are here to
help you reach a solution or train your staff to help avoid the issues that may arise from client
intake to closing the deal. We are here to help you and your business avoid problems that will
inevitably arise.

Asset Protection

Whether structuring a business, a transaction, or your personal assets we have the approach
and the professionals to make sure your assets are protected from generation to generation.
We also understand the risks entrepreneurs take with personal assets and the strategies
necessary to minimize those risks.

Business Planning

From incorporating your company with the proper legal entity to structuring your business’ with
the proper operations and procedures, we have you covered. We can also help to assure proper business succession to make sure the business you worked so hard to build still provides for future generations and leaves your legacy.

PLS Help

Legal Audit

Let us give you and/or your business a legal and risk management analysis to help you identify
issues and vulnerabilities. Prevention is key to avoiding problems. Send us an email with your
concerns and we can help you evaluate your business’ or individual legal health.

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Legal Services

Our Founder is a licensed Florida attorney and continues to provide many legal services to his
clients. Our approach and preventive services require different professionals at times, some of which require legal services and some that don’t, but nevertheless if it’s a practice area that he
doesn’t practice he uses his PLSHelp Network to get you to the right attorney.

Our Services

What Our Clients Are Saying

Gustavo Gutierrez is an exceptional mediator. He was impartial, well prepared, and had an excellent understanding of the facts and issues in our cases. His efforts helped us resolve two very complicated cases. He persistently followed up with the parties after the multiple sessions, which assisted in settlements to our clients’ satisfaction. His techniques and experience challenge legal positions that foster meaningful discussion and resolution. Gus went above and beyond the call of duty in our matters and I would not hesitate to use him in the future for any of my mediation needs.

Jose I. Baldor, Esq.

Peterson Baldor Maranges PLLC

Our Clients

Get To Know Us

Preventive Law Solutions (PLS) was founded on Gustavo A. Gutierrez' belief that a lawyer's role is to help individuals and businesses solve their issues and problems as efficiently and stress-free as possible and help prevent them when possible. PLS' goal is to help businesses and individuals by providing education, resources, and preventive services, as well as guidance along with the right professionals to help you accomplish this in a vast amount of areas such as business disputes, dealing with employees, real estate disputes, protecting your assets such as art/intellectual property, as well as family disputes dealing with our elders, just to name a few.

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